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Engineering Elastomer Materials and Process Technologies to Meet Exacting Requirements

Ames has provided design engineers with innovative, cost-effective solutions for over 60 years. From the aerospace and automotive industries, where protective coatings and elastomer technology are vital, to office automation and alternative energy markets, where seals and rollers are key, Ames has materials and material applications expertise and drive that leads the way.

Our Design Solutions Center is where our material development skills meet the extensive capabilities of leading elastomeric processes to deliver beyond the customer’s needs. Precision injection molding processes will mean the difference between a component that is simply comparable and one that excels above all.

In today’s economy, design engineers need materials and processes they can trust and a solid company that can deliver them. Ames is the clear choice.

Dedicated to Quality

The standard of high quality always in place at Ames is due in part to our Excellence Through Total Quality process. By integrating Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and SPC into the daily operations at Ames, we provide assurance that your product will be exactly what you need every time. Protective coatings will be durable and meet all your specifications, rubber rollers will enable machinery to outperform expectations and your injection molding needs will be met with the utmost precision. The elastomer technology applied by the engineers at Ames is sure to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of your application.

Ames holds valid certification from global quality-based organizations and clients of worldwide renown. We have also received numerous awards such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for meeting and exceeding customer expectations and quality standards. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and our quality systems and policies include the responsibility to continually improve all aspects of our business.

Much like other cutting edge industries, elastomer technology is continually changing and Ames is dedicated to lead the way. Whether for injection molded products, office automation components or protective coatings, Ames has the tools and expertise you need.