Ames is known for our exceptional attention to process quality control. By utilization of our Excellence Through Total Quality process, the company has totally integrated Statistical Process Control methods into daily operations, assuring our customers they'll receive the best possible products and services. As proof of the high Quality standards we strive to attain.

We have received awards and certifications from worldwide quality-based organizations as well as from some of our largest customers.

Our Quality Policy provides a framework for continuous improvement in all matters of customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

Quality is the basic business principle for Ames. Ames is committed to achieving sustained business excellence by integrating quality principles and methods into our Business and Quality Management Systems and at every level of our company. By focusing on our Core Values and Core Competencies we will Design, Develop and Manufacture Engineered Elastomeric Components and Assemblies that provide our customers with Innovative Solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Continuous improvement and the achievement of excellence is the job of every Ames team member.

Ames and its Teammates will endeavor to:

  • Align our Vision, Mission, and Goals and Objectives.
  • Measure and Monitor Customer Satisfaction
  • Identify Customer Needs
  • Reduce Lead-times
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Cycle Times
  • Improve Process Quality
  • Improve Delivered Quality
  • Improve Delivery Performance
  • Improve Safety


Ames is a team of people dedicated to the continuous pursuit of excellence in the Design, Development, and Manufacture of Engineered Elastomeric Components and Assemblies, including Precision Molded components, Protective Coatings and Dispensed Gaskets, by constant reinforcement of our Core Values and excellence in the execution of our Core Competencies, our customers will recognize Ames as a Leader and Role Model in the elastomeric industry, creating competitive advantage for Ames, enabling us to meet or exceed our stakeholder requirements to:

1. Systematically and consistently grow the value of the enterprise,

2. Create a dynamic work environment that fosters growth, participation, and recognition for all Teammates, and

3. Provide our customers with the most innovative, highest quality, and most cost-effective products.

Through these accomplishments, we will have the opportunity to grow and prosper in a competitive and ever-changing global business environment.


Ames will become, through innovative Solutions, World-Class Processes and Extra-Ordinary People, the supplier of choice for the Design, Development, and Manufacture of Engineered Elastomeric Components and Assemblies, including Precision Molded Components, Protective Coatings and Dispensed Gaskets, by creating value and competitive advantage for our customers.


Malcolm Baldrige Award

In an effort to more firmly establish and reinforce the Total Quality Management principles and practices, Ames pursued and became one of the very few companies to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Business Excellence. This rigorous process provided us with measurable benefits, which translate into excellent service for our customers. Highlights of these are:

In addition to the improvement in the usual metrics of on-time delivery, lead-times, etc., for the first time, customer satisfaction was measured and significantly improved.

Improved communications vertically and horizontally within the chains of command was realized throughout our organization.
Greater employee involvement particularly from the people on the front lines resulting in increased number of targeted ideas and solutions for improvement.

The ultimate benefit was the reduction in cost of quality, initially measured at more than 25%.


AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008

Customer requirements and global competitiveness are changing the way organizations around the world are doing business. Standardizing our work into an organized and documented system provides the foundation for our comprehensive quality management program. AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008 standards have helped us to better serve our customers while improving our quality systems and enabling us to be competitive in the global economy.

Xerox Corporation Certified Supplier

Confirms Ames' commitment to customer satisfaction and acceptance of total accountability as a world class supplier.

Pitney Bowes Certified Supplier

"Soaring to New Heights" For recognition of demonstrated excellence.

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