Advanced and Exacting Customer Service

At our Design Solutions Center the talented material scientists and engineers of Ames work hard to provide timely and precise client solutions. With thorough evaluation and innovative technical approaches, the team will develop design, fabrication and processing solutions for your existing products or new initiatives. Always detailed, timely and cost-effective, this stage will help businesses take their products or services to the next level both technically and commercially.

Elastomer Engineering Specialists

At the Design Solutions Center our elastomer engineering specialists will present your business with an initial design solution. All aspects of the design will be covered and upon acceptance, the Technical Team will go to work with the targets and begin fabrication of the prototypes. This process will ensure the project advances with all details, applications and adjustments taken care of and is completed when the customer’s needs are completely satisfied.

Elastomer Materials Development

As the need for new materials and material applications technologies are identified in a situation, Ames will go work on elastomer materials development. Innovative ideas along with polymer fabrication techniques and solutions are used to ensure the most reliable, effective solution is employed.

Elastomer Processing Expertise

The Design Solutions Center at Ames excels at defining and implementing improvements to the performance, durability and cost-effectiveness of existing products. Take advantage of the extensive elastomer engineering and elastomer processing expertise available at Ames, including Six Sigma techniques, and take your product or process to another level of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Whether looking for a solution from the ground up or searching for elastomer materials development and improvements to existing products, the material scientists and elastomer engineering specialist at Ames will help. From prototypes to polymer fabrication and elastomer processing, the Design Solutions Center has the expertise to fulfill your needs.

Success Stories

Protective Coatings for Aircraft Components
An aircraft engine manufacturer came to Ames with extremely critical military requirements for the protection of its composite components. Resistance to erosion, ice-phobic characteristics, and the ability to apply consistent coating thickness on irregular geometries were the primary design requirements. Through the development of a proper material set of coating and primers, along with the selection of the best application method, Ames has provided a complete solution to meet market needs.

Rubber Rollers for Office Automation Machines
Manufacturers of printers and copiers are in constant search for rubber roller (fusing elements) which are both dent- resistant and able to retain high copy quality after thousands of copies. As a result of its collaboration with its customers and material suppliers, Ames has developed a series of fusing constructions which utilize a micro conformable top layer. This fluoropolymer layer provides both our Dent Resistant Coating technology as well as low surface tension, which ensures total release of toner from the fusing element to the document.

Respiratory Protective Devices
Respiratory Protective Device manufacturers have extremely stringent requirements for quality, precision, impermeability, and durability. Our exceptional insert molding capabilities provide excellent bonding of metal and plastic portals to rubber materials, thereby eliminating costly secondary assembly operations. Materials have been selected and developed to meet customer specifications for unrivaled comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance.

Dispensed Gaskets for Fuel Cell Components
Manufacturers of fuel cell components require a more cost effective and durable sealing solution than the currently available die-cut, mold-in-place or discrete gaskets. Our AMESSeal process was developed which utilizes a programmable system to apply various elastomeric materials in a thin bead onto a wide variety of substrate materials including graphite, metals, and polymers. Changes in gasket design from prototype to full production can be easily accommodated with minimal tooling cost.

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