Working with several aerospace programs and manufacturers, both military and commercial, Ames has developed an expertise in the application, design and formulation of a number of erosion-resistant elastomer coatings for aircraft components. AMESShield is becoming a widely recognized aircraft elastomeric coating that is designed to protect aircraft propulsion systems, as well as airframe components, and can be used on a variety of other irregular and complex shapes. It’s high temperature and erosion resistance, combined with anti icing capabilities make it unique suited to harsh environments, particularly in the protection of composite components.

Benefits of Erosion-Resistant Elastomer Coatings

AMESShield provides outstanding protection against erosion when compared to other coating options, including flouroelastomer and other well-known high temperature elastomer coatings. This benefit is achieved at a significantly lower cost then the alternatives. Whether caused by sand or FOD (foreign objects and debris), erosion is a constant concern in the aerospace industry, particularly with the ever increasing introduction of composite components, where there is very limited natural resistance to erosion of the resin systems. Ames offers a versatile and effective coating for both metallics, such as titanium, and composite materials.

Ice-phobic Elastomer Coatings

Besides fighting erosion, AMESShield is considered an excellent ice-phobic elastomer coating. Ice adhesion testing reveals that the AMESShield process yielded ice adhesion results that were less than 1/10th of competing coating materials. This ability to shed ice can have a significant impact on reducing the requirements for other active anti-icing systems such as bladders or electrothermal.

Advantages Over High Temperature Elastomer Coatings and Other Alternatives

Even with exposure to various chemicals, including salt spray, jet fuel, and propylene glycol, the ice adhesion results using AMESShield were still better than the unexposed alternative samples. This type of protection is unique in the industry.

AMESShield is applied with superior adhesion to ensure permanence under the harshest condition yet we’ve concurrently developed efficient removal systems that can allow for reapplication during scheduled maintenance.

Similar to High temperature elastomer coatings, AMESShield has a high temperature resistance of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The uniform film layer is applied to ensure complete coverage and to maintain maximum aerodynamics. In aerospace propulsion units, whether it’s turbine fan or jet engines, this resistance to both temperature and ice will have a significant benefit to engine performance.

At Ames the coatings techniques include non-electrostatic and electrostatic-based spray systems, allowing for a wide range of thicknesses to be applied. Commonly, thickness of approximately 10 mils achieve optimal system performance, however specific thickness can be tailored to suit the actual conditions thus optimizing weight impacts and cost. The process can be completely customized and our versatility allows us to work well with metallic, polymeric and composite materials.

AMESSHield for Complete Control

As an erosion-resistant elastomer coating, AMESShield excels. For a premium ice-phobic elastomer coating with the ability to shed ice at significantly lower pressure levels than the alternatives, while still providing superior high temperature service life AMESShield leads the way.

Offering complete support through our client’s product development, Ames can provide the unique solution to your aerospace requirements. Ames also has a class 10,000 clean room in addition to many standard aerospace process protocols. Combined with a wide range of coating, bonding and molding capabilities we’re sure to be able to offer the complete solution to your product needs.

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