Ames has supplied numerous elastomer design solutions to light and heavy industrial applications.

Applications for Automotive Elastomers

Working with automotive elastomers and polymers is a specialty field that requires the extensive knowledge and training Ames can deliver.

Automotive polymer applications include CV Joint Boots. The manufacturing of these essential components takes advantage of Ames molding capabilities producing complex and irregular parts with precision, durability and the highest quality standards. CV Joint Boots manufactured by Ames are manufactured , with only the highest quality polymers specified.

Elastomer Wire Harnesses and Other Industrial Applications

Industrial polymer applications include electronic terminal protectors and elastomer wire harnesses found in a wide variety of applications. When those applications require thermally or electrical conductivity, Ames extensive materials development skills will get your development project quickly on schedule.

From CV Joint Boots to elastomer wire harnesses, Ames delivers durable and cost-effective solutions both for industrial and automotive applications using automotive elastomers and polymers.


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