Medical Markets

As medical procedures and technologies advance, the need for rigorous and precise medical equipment grows. The silicone sealing systems and components included need to be designed for precision and able to withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. Devices for medical diagnosis, feeding tubes, pumps and micro-miniature components are all within the scope of expertise at Ames.

Silicone Sealing Systems for Every Application

Whether simple or complex, custom shaped or applications requiring Class VI medical silicone Ames has the most effective and durable solution. From design stage to the treatment room your business needs silicone medical molding and components that are dependable and at the leading edge of this industry. Ames strives to stay ahead and meet the most exacting medical requirements of today.

Specialty Silicone Medical Molding Needs

For those organizations promoting optimum health, only the best will do. Ames is fully prepared to help your products meet the stringent testing required with Class VI medical silicone components. Dedicated to those within the health care industry, Ames provides silicone medical molding and sealing systems that line up with today’s needs and tomorrow’s standards.

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