For maximum protection and reliability, select a gas mask elastomer components supplier with the highest reputation for Quality, Precision, Reliability, Impermeability, and Durability.

Gas Mask Elastomer Components

Since 1995 Ames has been manufacturing gas mask elastomer components such as face blanks, second skins, drink tubes, nose cups, outlet valves for several of the largest Respiratory Protective Device manufacturers in the world.

Our exceptional insert molding capabilities provide excellent bonding of metal to rubber materials, eliminating the need for costly secondary assembly. Respiratory mask elastomer components and other products are tailored to customer specifications and provide unrivaled comfort and reliability.

Rubber Molding Applications and CBRN Elastomer Components

Ames has the processes and design experience to handle rubber molding applications, from simple to complex. In the respiratory protection marketplace, it is essential that businesses choose a provider who has the proper advancements and design experience to provide rigorous components for CBRN applications. Our process allows for product approvals to NIOSH for adequate protection against CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) agents.

The bond strengths of metal and plastic inserted components designed by Ames will exceed the specified customer requirements. For rubber molding products you can rely on, completely trust in the experience of Ames.

Performance Measures for Respiratory Mask Elastomer Components

Ames has a wide selection of materials know-how and development processes available. We process materials such as silicone, chlorobutyl, natural, and EPDM. Let Ames assist you with choosing the right material set for your application.

For all masks, including gas mask elastomer and respiratory mask elastomer, coatings can be applied to provide additional protection. The cutting edge processes at Ames will help provide your product with precise rubber molding and other necessary components for any application.

An Ames specialty, dispensed form-in place gasketing provides a reliable, cost-effective means of adding extra levels of sealing for interfacing surfaces.

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